Snap Inc. and Harmony Korine debut short film shot on Spectacles 3 to explore storytelling in 3D

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December 6, 2019 – Snap Inc. has unveiled ‘Duck Duck’ by filmmaker Harmony Korine, an experimental short film shot using Spectacles 3 to explore storytelling in 3D. Released November 2019, Spectacles 3 are equipped with dual HD cameras to capture three-dimensional photos and videos, giving wearers the ability to transform Snaps with 3D Effects.

For Duck Duck, Korine experiments with Spectacles 3 as a cinematic tool for wearable cinema by overlaying augmented reality onto three-dimensional scenes for immersive storytelling. The film’s hybrid reality is brought to life through 3D Effects developed for the film, which will be available to Spectacles 3 users on Snapchat.

“Spectacles 3 is a completely unique format that shifted my perspective on film, narrative, what’s animated and what’s real,” said Korine. “By combining a first-person point of view and 3D Effects, the sunglasses inhabit their own hyper-personal universe, and helped inspire the multi-sensory experience of Duck Duck – like you can walk into this world when you watch it.”

Steen Strand, Director of Hardware for Spectacles, commented: “Both Harmony Korine and Spectacles are helping push the boundaries of immersive storytelling… With the ability to capture depth like your own two eyes, Spectacles 3 brings Harmony Korine’s unique vision for Duck Duck to life, showing how this new technology can inform the future of creative storytelling.”

With support from Gucci, Duck Duck premiered during a private event at Art Basel in Miami Beach on the evening of December 4. As part of this collaboration, Korine and Gucci partnered with Spectacles to create limited edition ‘Spectacles x Gucci by Harmony Korine’. The limited edition Spectacles 3, created exclusively for Art Basel Miami Beach 2019, were inspired by Harmony Korine and designed with Gucci for creators. Snapchat users can virtually try on Spectacles x Gucci by Harmony Korine here.

The film and limited edition Spectacles x Gucci by Harmony Korine will debut during Art Basel from December 5 to 8. Duck Duck can be viewed at

Video credit: Snap Inc./Spectacles/YouTube

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