Snap Inc. announces launch of Spectacles 3, with availability in fall 2019

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August 13, 2019 – Snap Inc. has today unveiled Spectacles 3, the latest version of Spectacles sunglasses that feature a design with dual HD cameras.

Shipping in fall 2019, Snap states that the Spectacles 3 “will be able to capture depth and dimension the way a user’s eyes do” – an ability that the company expects will “provide a rich 3D canvas for self-expression”, as well as a suite of new 3D Effects on Snapchat.

Spectacles 3 are equipped with two HD cameras to capture Snaps in 3D and transform them with 3D Effects. Snaps captured using Spectacles 3 will seamlessly transfer in HD to Memories within Snapchat to add new lighting, landscapes, and other effects to an entire scene with a swipe. Snaps can also export to Camera Roll as circular, horizontal, square and virtual reality formats for saving, editing and sharing.

The Spectacles 3 feature a strong, lightweight steel frame with circular lenses and adjustable acetate tips. The Spectacles 3 come in two color options:

  • Carbon: a monochromatic black with a semi-matte finish and high-gloss details;
  • Mineral: a tone inspired by cosmetic hues with a hint-of-gold frame.

The Spectacles 3 include buttons that when pressed by a user will capture video (either button pressed up to 60 seconds continuously), as well as still photos (press and hold). The Spectacles 3 also includes a 4-microphone array to supplement high-definition videos with high-fidelity audio. Users will see a light when the glasses are recording, and LED indicator lights will also show this to other people, according to Snap.

Snap states that Spectacles 3 charge on-the-go in their included Charging Case, which can store up to four charges, according to the company. The full-grain leather case folds flat when not in use and comes equipped with a standard certified USB-C charging cable. Also included with Spectacles 3 is a 3D viewer, which the company states will allow users to “relive memories and bring Snaps to life.”

Snap’s Spectacles 3 will ship this fall and are available to pre-order now for USD $380 at

Image credit: Snap Inc.

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