HTX Labs and Vinci VR announce formal EMPACT development partnership

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August 9, 2023 – HTX Labs (HTX), creator of the EMPACT immersive training platform, has this week announced a strategic partnership with Vinci VR, a provider of bespoke virtual reality (VR) training solutions. According to HTX, the collaboration will enable the company’s partners to leverage the EMPACT platform to provide higher security, broader access, and efficient delivery of immersive content across multiple devices, empowering the HTX’ government, defense, and commercial customers to offer innovative, tailor-made virtual reality training solutions to their workforces.

HTX’ EMPACT platform provides a solution for secure, centralized content management, self-authoring courseware creation, and deployment of this content and courseware across a spectrum of hardware and devices in order to deliver critical training anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

The partnership will enable Vinci’s content team to harness the full capabilities of the EMPACT platform to craft and deliver simulations and VR training solutions to enhance operational efficiency, optimize safety measures, reduce overall training costs, and transform training methods for the modern workforce in the US Government, according to HTX. The company added that for government opportunities, its EMPACT platform will allow Vinci to leverage HTX’s Authority to Operate (ATO) boundary that provides a high level of cybersecurity protection when deploying EMPACT training content on government networks.

“At Vinci VR, we have always been committed to pushing the boundaries of virtual reality’s potential and getting the tool into as many hands as possible,” said Eagle Wu, Founder & CEO of Vinci VR. “This partnership with HTX Labs signifies a critical step forward in delivering top-tier, cybersecure virtual reality training solutions to our DoD customers. By combining Vinci’s ingenuity and EMPACT’s innovative platform, we are unlocking a new era of efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in workforce training.”

HTX stated that by coupling its immersive software development and delivery platform with Vinci’s bespoke development solutions, trainers will be empowered to create and deploy realistic, safe, and immersive VR training experiences for trainees, which will help help to alleviate some of the barriers surrounding the scalability and sustainment of VR training.

“From an HTX perspective, we are always looking for content development companies to partner with and show them how they can leverage EMPACT to lower their barrier to entry and accelerate their ability to deliver immersive training solutions for their customers,” said Scott Schneider, CEO and Head of Growth at HTX Labs.

“We have been working informally with Vinci for the past several years and are excited to formally join forces to collaborate more closely. We’re excited to be teaming with the talented Vinci team to expand the use of EMPACT’s development capabilities and to take advantage of our ATO (Authority to Operate) / Cybersecurity posture to deliver compelling XR training solutions across the Government and Commercial markets.”

For more information on HTX Labs and its EMPACT platform for immersive training, click here. To learn more about Vinci VR and its virtual reality training solutions, click here.

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