DPVR partners with ManageXR to streamline VR device management

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August 9, 2023 – DPVR, a provider of virtual reality (VR) devices, has recently announced a strategic partnership with ManageXR, a platform that specializes in virtual and augmented reality (AR) device management. The partnership will make ManageXR the go-to solution for managing all DPVR devices, which will come with the software pre-installed, including in DPVR’s P1 series of headsets, as well as its upcoming P2 VR headset aimed at the enterprise.

According to DPVR, ManageXR helps to facilitate the efficient management of VR and AR devices on a large scale. For businesses and organizations managing a large fleet of VR and AR headsets, a centralized XR device management solution can often be advantageous. ManageXR delivers the necessary infrastructure that enables scalability of VR deployments, giving administrators comprehensive control over their VR devices, with features like app and file distribution, home screen customization, and security settings control.

DPVR highlighted that companies using VR for employee training, healthcare institutions incorporating VR into patient treatments, and educational bodies using VR in their teaching methodologies could stand to benefit as a result of the partnership, as the process of device setup will become more streamlined thanks to the integration of ManageXR into DPVR devices. As a result of this integration, DPVR users can now activate ManageXR directly from their device, installing remotely configured apps, files, and device settings without the need to connect each device to a computer.

DPVR offers a range of VR solutions for businesses and consumers. Having operated for seven years in the B2B VR sector, DPVR stated that it has extensive experience in customizing enterprise-level VR hardware and software solutions for its customers. While B2B models are typically priced over USD $300 in the current market, DPVR offers customizable devices with an average price range of USD $100-$200, making it a more viable choice for customers seeking large volume orders and small to medium-sized businesses, according to the company.

“We’re excited to add DPVR to our family of supported devices on ManageXR. DPVR’s devices are a great and affordable solution for our customers looking to manage and customize large-scale deployments of 3DOF VR hardware,” said Luke Wilson, Founder & CEO, ManageXR.

ManageXR stated that its integrated solution on new DPVR headsets is well suited for companies shipping devices to remote users. Plus, by saving admins and IT teams from the burden of loading apps and configuring devices manually, it allows end-users to get started more quickly by simply entering a code.

Commenting on this, Derek Liu, VP of DPVR stated: “Device configuration and management has always posed significant challenges for companies of all sizes. Our partnership with ManageXR enables our customers to confidently scale their VR use, unlocking new potential in their operational workflows.”

For more information about DPVR and its VR devices for businesses and enterprises, click here. To learn more about ManageXR, click here.

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