VoxelSensors debuts its Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor solution for 3D Perception

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May 31, 2023 – VoxelSensors, a provider of 3D perception technology, has announced that it will reveal its ‘Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor’ (SPAES) solution, and globally premiere the related Andromeda Evaluation Kit at AWE USA 2023 this week.

VoxelSensors’ Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor is a novel category of ultra-low power and ultra-low latency 3D perception sensors for extended reality (XR) to seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds.

XR device manufacturers require low power consumption and low latency 3D Perception technology to flawlessly blend the physical and digital worlds and unlock the true potential of immersive experiences. VoxelSensors’ patented Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor technology has resolved these significant challenges, with the company stating that its solution has achieved a threshold of less than 10 milliwatts in terms of power consumption, combined with less than 5 milliseconds of latency. Furthermore, this is possible while being resistant to indoor and outdoor lighting at distances over 5 meters and being immune to crosstalk, according to VoxelSensors.

The technology offers an alternative to traditional 3D sensors, eliminating the need for slow frames. It sends 3D data points in real-time serially to a device and application at nanosecond refresh rates. Designed for efficiency, SPAES delivers the lowest latency for perception applications at minimal power consumption addressing previously unmet needs such as precise segmentation, spatial mapping, anchoring, and natural interaction.

“SPAES disrupts the standard in 3D Perception,” said Christian Mourad, co-founder and VP of Engineering at VoxelSensors. “The Andromeda Evaluation Kit, available for the selected OEMs and integrators in the summer of 2023, demonstrates our commitment to advancing XR/AR/MR and VR applications. This innovation, however, isn’t limited to extended reality and expands into robotics, the automotive industry, drones, and medical applications.”

VoxelSensors was founded in 2020 by a team of seasoned experts in the field of 3D sensing and perception, with over 50 years of collective experience. The team’s success includes co-inventing an efficient 3D Time-of-Flight sensor and camera technology, which Sony acquired in 2015.

Earlier this month, VoxelSensors announced a EUR €5 million investment led by Belgian venture capitals Capricorn Partners and Qbic with contributions from the investment firm finance&invest.brussels, along with existing investors and the team. The company stated that the funding will help to bolster VoxelSensors’ roadmap, talent acquisition, and enhance customer relations in the U.S. and Asia.

“At VoxelSensors, we aim to fuse the physical and digital realms until they’re indistinguishable,” said Johannes Peeters, co-founder and CEO of VoxelSensors. “With Extended Reality gaining momentum it is our duty to discover, create, work, and play across sectors like gaming, healthcare, and manufacturing. Our Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor technology stands ready to pioneer transformative user experiences!”

For more information on VoxelSensors and its 3D perception technology and SPAES solution, please visit the company’s website.

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