VoxelSensors raises €5M in seed funding

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May 23, 2023 – VoxelSensors, a provider of sensors and solutions for 3D perception systems, has recently announced an investment of EUR €5 million led by Belgian venture capital firms Capricorn Partners and Qbic, with participation from the investment firm finance&invest.brussels, existing investors and the team.

VoxelSensors stated that the funding will be used to further develop the company’s roadmap, hire key employees, and strengthen business engagements with customers in the U.S. and Asia. The company added that it remains committed to raising funds in order to back its ambitious growth plans.

VoxelSensors’ Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor (SPAES) is a novel category of ultra-low power and ultra-low latency 3D perception sensors for extended reality (XR) to blend the physical and digital worlds.

XR device manufacturers require low power consumption and low latency 3D perception technology to seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds and unlock the true potential of immersive experiences. According to VoxelSensors, its patented Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor technology has resolved these significant 3D perception challenges. Its solution reaches less than 10 milliwatts power consumption combined with less than 5 milliseconds latency while being resistant to outdoor lighting at distances over 5 meters and being immune to crosstalk interferences.

“Our goal at VoxelSensors is to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital worlds to a point level where they become indistinguishable,” said Johannes Peeters, co-founder and CEO of VoxelSensors. “Extended reality has rapidly gained traction in recent years, with diverse applications across sectors such as gaming, entertainment, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. With our Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor technology we are poised to deliver unparalleled opportunities for groundbreaking user experiences. We are excited by the opportunity to contribute to the growth of our growing industry and honored by the trust of these investors to help us expand the company and accelerate market penetration.”

As a result of the investment, Marc Lambrechts from Capricorn Partners and Steven Leuridan from Qbic have been appointed to VoxelSensors’ Board of Directors.

“We are excited to invest with the Capricorn Digital Growth Fund in VoxelSensors. We appreciate the broad experience in the team, the flexibility of the 3D perception solution towards different applications and the solid intellectual property base, essential for the success of a deep tech start-up. The team has a proven track record to build a scalable business model within a Europe-based semiconductor value chain. We also highly value the support of the Brussels region via Innoviris,” explained Marc Lambrechts, Investment Director at Capricorn Partners.

“As an inter-university fund, Qbic is delighted to support VoxelSensors in this phase of its journey,” said Steven Leuridan, Partner at Qbic III Fund. “We truly believe VoxelSensors is a shining example of a European fabless semiconductor company that holds potential to lead its market.”

“With Switching Pixels Active Event Sensing (SPAES) we challenge the status quo in 3D perception,” concluded VoxelSensors’ co-founder and CTO, PhD Ward van der Tempel. “This groundbreaking technology unlocks new possibilities in extended reality by addressing previously unmet needs such as precise segmentation, spatial mapping, anchoring and natural interaction. Moreover, this breakthrough innovation extends beyond XR, and has exciting potential in various industries, including robotics, automotive, drones, and medical applications.”

VoxelSensors will be showcasing its technology at AWE USA 2023 from May 31 to June 2, 2023, in Santa Clara (California, USA). For more information on VoxelSensors and its SPAES technology, please visit the company’s website.

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