VoxelSensors secures €9.5M in Seed Funding to boost growth of its XR technology

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February 1, 2024 – VoxelSensors, a Belgian semiconductor company specializing in 3D perception technology for extended reality (XR), has recently announced that it has closed a Seed Round with EUR €3 million in tail investment led by new investor SFPIM Relaunch, with participation from existing investors Qbic Fund and finance&invest.brussels.

VoxelSensors stated that the funding is an extension of the company’s EUR €5.5 million Seed Round of May 2023, which was led by Capricorn Digital Growth Fund and Qbic Fund. VoxelSensors’ total Seed Round investment now stands at EUR €9.5 million.

According to VoxelSensors, the investment will boost its international growth, technology advancement, and customer engagement for its low-power, low-latency ‘Spatial and Empathic Computing’ solution for mobile and XR devices. VoxelSensors will also use the funds to prepare for a Series A funding round to support the company’s ambitions.

The company noted that Spatial and Empathic Computing is an emerging field that aims to create technology that can enhance user perception based on user intentions for unique and personalized experiences.

“We think that Spatial and Empathic Computing is the future of XR and Mobile technology, and we are happy to be among the pioneers of this field,” said Johannes Peeters, CEO of VoxelSensors. “We are grateful to have secured this investment. It will allow us to keep innovating and developing our technologies to meet customer needs.”

New investor SFPIM Relaunch (also referred to as “SFPIM Relaunch for the future” in VoxelSensor’s announcement) is a subsidiary of the Federal Holding and Investment Company (SFPIM)—Belgium’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. The main objective of SFPIM Relaunch is anchoring digital technological expertise in Belgium.

“We are delighted to support and invest in this young and ambitious Belgian tech company that is making waves in a highly competitive and strategic market. By supporting deep tech companies like VoxelSensors, SFPIM Relaunch for the future aims to boost Belgium and EU competitiveness in the semiconductors industry, in line with the EU Chip Act objectives that seek to enhance the production and innovation of microelectronics in Europe,” said Céline Vaessen, CEO at SFPIM Relaunch.

Other investors included Qbic Fund, a venture capital fund that focuses on the transformation of technological breakthroughs into sustainable businesses; and finance&invest.brussels, a public limited company that facilitates and completes the financing chain of value-creating companies in the Brussels region by providing financing solutions for start-ups, scale-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), social enterprises, and cooperatives.

For more information on VoxelSensors and its 3D perception technology, including its ‘Single Photon Active Event Sensor’ (SPAES) ultra-low power/latency sensors for XR, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: VoxelSensors

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