CREAL announces commercial availability of its light field Augmented Reality solution by early 2024

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September 26, 2023 – CREAL, a provider of light field micro-display technology start-up, has today announced the commercial availability by early 2024 of its patent-protected augmented reality (AR) light field micro-display technology stack, which enables OEM/ODMs to develop AR glasses that uniquely provide correct depth perception to users.

Light field technology is very different from the standard ‘flat’ images provided by current displays on the market. Light field-based content has real-world depth, even if viewed by a single eye, and CREAL has developed a patented AR light field micro-display technology stack combining licensable hardware and software.

Unlike current 3D displays, which present two flat-screen images each to one eye, light field recreates the light rays as they exist in the real world, creating a realistic image with true depth and enhanced quality, according to CREAL.

CREAL noted that AR headsets available on the market today can’t easily display close-up content due to the so-called ‘vergence accommodation conflict’ (something previously covered on Auganix here) as well as focal rivalry, known visual problems endemic to the entire AR and VR market. As a result, AR content is recommended by many headset makers to be displayed at a distance significantly further from a user’s eyes, which CREAL states is totally antithetical to real-world viewing, since human eyes evolved with the ability to focus to less than 20 cm for that very reason.

As a result, the company’s light field technology is used with a combiner (no waveguides needed), a simple-to-apply thin holographic film laminated onto a standard or prescription lens. CREAL also stated that its light field display technology removes the main sources of eye-strain, eye-fatigue, and nausea that are commonly experienced with AR and virtual reality (VR) headsets today.

“By enabling continuous focus from up-close to infinity – matching the real world depth perceived by users – CREAL enables a natural and healthy visual experience with no substantial trade-offs regarding image quality, computational requirements or system architecture – unlike competing solutions,” said Dr. Tomas Sluka, co-founder and CEO of CREAL.

CREAL added that several leading AR glasses and headset ODM’s are currently evaluating its technology for their next-generation designs, some of which are expected to become commercially available in 2024, according to the company.

Bbased in the Swiss tech innovation hub of Lausanne, CREAL’s technical team includes members of cutting-edge projects at CERN, EPFL, Intel and Magic Leap. The company has been developing its unique technology since November of 2017 and has shared engineering updates for the past several years to customers. CREAL has raised a total aggregate funding of USD $18 million, and is now also opening up a new round of funding for interested worldwide capital funds. Existing participating VC firms include Swisscom Ventures, Verve Ventures and DAA Capital Partners.

For more information on CREAL and its light field micro-display technology, please visit the company’s website.

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