DPVR showcases E4 and P2 VR headsets at Tokyo Game Show and hints at possible upcoming AR glasses

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September 26, 2023 – DPVR, a provider of virtual reality (VR) headsets and technology, has  recently highlighted its return from the Tokyo Game Show 2023 (TGS), where the company shared some of its latest VR innovations, including its E4 headset aimed at PCVR gaming, its recently released P2 enterprise VR device, as well as a possible AR glasses-style device.

The TGS event, which gathered professionals and enthusiasts from Japan and around the world, featured 787 companies and organizations from 44 different countries, as well as over 240,000 attendees, providing DPVR with what it stated was a “remarkable” platform to showcase its XR technology and strengthen connections within the XR community.

At its booth, which was front and center in the XR section of the event, DPVR provided attendees with immersive experiences of real-life scenarios that featured five different household settings, in order to recreate the comfort of home whilst attendees at the show were experiencing the company’s VR solutions.

DPVR stated that its bedroom-based VR setup captured attention from attendees, as well as local media.

DPVR’s flagship device, the E4 headset, is SteamVR compatible and offers users a 4K display resolution, a 120-degree field of view (FoV), and weighs just 280g for extended play sessions. According to the company, the E4 was a hit with attendees, with the device drawing a crowd as it enabled visitors to experience Beat Saber and VRChat on the gaming-focused VR headset. DPVR also noted that several gaming studios expressed interest in collaboration.

TGS was also the first in-person event at which DPVR showcased its recently released P2 device. Joined by its long-term partner Vivid Vision, a provider of virtual reality games for vision training, DPVR stated that the two companies anticipate exploring new avenues to assist children dealing with amblyopia, and that the combination of Vivid Vision’s treatment program and the P2 headset “promises to continue positively impacting the lives of patients.”

Additionally, DPVR also stated that it unveiled a “glasses-like wearable tech prototype” designed for “office scenarios” at the show, however, the company did not provide more information on the product. This could potentially signal DPVR’s first foray into the augmented reality (AR) market.

“The achievement of our presence at TGS would not have been possible without the invaluable support of our partners,” said Derek Liu, VP at DPVR. “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our local distributor, Aiuto Corporation, Lab Corporation, tech expert Hikaru Northland, and VRChat celebrity Yoshii Hajime, who accompanied us on this incredible journey. This past week has truly been remarkable, and we remain dedicated to delivering cutting-edge VR solutions to both consumers and enterprises.”

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