Care Indeed launches VR dementia training powered by STRIVR

March 16, 2019 – Home care provider Care Indeed has announced the launch of its virtual reality dementia training, powered by STRIVR, for caregivers and community members.

The interactive training sessions are designed to empower caregivers with the knowledge they need to map out the best possible dementia care while also providing them with the skills needed to establish cooperative, caring relationships with dementia clients.

The 3D training environment provides many of the same benefits of training in a physical environment, but without the accompanying safety risks. Care Indeed stated that it believes VR training is more memorable than video or text-based learning materials and that the experience immerses learners into an environment that is safe, yet realistic.

Caregiver Sameem Saadat commented: “The VR training has by far been the most immersive learning experience for me. It allowed me to interact with dementia clients in virtual reality, a safe alternative to real life”. He added, “I learned from my potential mistakes and poor decisions without compromising the safety or well-being of both myself and the client.”

Dee Bustos, CEO of Care Indeed, said: “Our goal is to empower every caregiver with the knowledge and skills they need as their client’s dementia progresses.”

The company stated that registration for its VR Training is now open.

Image credit: Care Indeed

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