GIBLIB announces collaboration with Mayo Clinic to produce medical VR content

March 19, 2019 – GIBLIB, the streaming media platform offering on-demand medical lectures and surgical videos in 4K and 360-degree virtual reality, has announced a formal collaboration with Mayo Clinic to digitize and host legacy educational videos and produce new content on the GIBLIB platform for all medical specialties. GIBLIB will bring Mayo Clinic’s medical conference lectures online to medical professionals globally.

Knowledge sharing within the medical community has been impeded by limited accessibility for medical professionals to learn the latest techniques and procedures without costly travel. To help counter the challenge of in-person attendance at medical and scientific conferences and limited space in operating rooms, digital platforms offer an alternative and more effective way to engage medical professionals anywhere and at any time.

Once GIBLIB delivers Mayo Clinic’s existing video library, the Company will leverage user data analytics to identify the most engaging videos to help determine the focus of future content. Mayo Clinic and GIBLIB will collaborate to create and produce original high-quality videos, including 360-degree VR footage, featuring the hospital’s teaching faculty. Together, Mayo Clinic and GIBLIB will also remaster the content to become more cinematic and engaging for an online audience, creating condensed short-form video segments of the most popular medical conference topics.

“The medical world continues to advance in its adoption of new technologies, yet the way medical professionals learn and engage with educational and instructional content remains stagnant. Medical education content has always been informative, but must be equally engaging and accessible to deliver meaningful value to medical professionals,” said Brian Conyer, CEO and Co-founder of GIBLIB. “By working with Mayo Clinic, we are helping medical professionals worldwide learn from some of the most forward-thinking, sought-after surgeons and physicians at the top-ranked hospitals in the world.”

In addition to the content relationship, GIBLIB has also granted Mayo Clinic a seat on its Board of Directors.

GIBLIB also produces exclusive content in partnership with other companies in the medical field, including Mayo Clinic, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Stanford Children’s Hospital and the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

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