Blippar is a UK based technology company that specializes in augmented reality and computer vision, the field within Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused on understanding sight and recognizing the world around. Blippar has created a range of products that utilize augmented reality and computer vision across a range of sectors. Blippar's flagship product is its Augmented Reality Browser - The Blippar app.

The Blippar app utilizes image recognition, augmented reality and computer vision technology to bring the physical world to life through smart devices.

Companies are able to use this technology for purposes such as Augmented Reality advertising through the Blippar app, allowing them to interact with consumers through everyday objects to enhance a brand with digital experiences, called "blipps". These blipps are effectively augmented reality campaigns that are delivered through the app.

Blippar states that its computer vision and augmented reality capabilities “can be applied anywhere, from back-end operations to retail aisles to household appliances and beyond.” Examples of how the technology can be used include:

  • Image tagging
  • B2B training
  • Product visualization
  • Software and hardware integration

Enterprise Solutions
For Enterprise customers, Blippar gives hardware providers the opportunity to join its hardware partnership, allowing providers to integrate Bilppar’s computer vision and augmented reality technology into wearables, scanners and other devices with a camera lens. The company also offers software partnership and consultancy programs which focus on Blippar’s computer vision and augmented reality APIs.

In terms of the applications of Blippar, the company states that it was one of the first to embed its technology into wearables, including Google Glass in 2014. The company’s augmented reality wearables technology allows users to obtain any content from their environment – from product and environment visualization, to enhanced training, as well as gaming.

Education Solutions
Blippar’s computer vision technology is able to recognize the world around and deliver digital educational content tailored to learners by complementing the physical world through the use of AR. Through an added layer of AR, Blippar is able to make learning environments interactive.

The company’s product suite is free for educators and includes the following:

  • Blippbuilder – Allows for the creation of an interactive learning environment.
  • Dashboard – Grants allow to control and allows users to monitor and assess the impact of created blipps, as well as student performance.
  • Community – Where educational users can go to share, support & collaborate across Blippar’s global network of teachers, students and content providers.

Blippar also aims its platform towards Educational Content Providers, giving them the opportunity to enhance physical educational materials with the benefits of digital technology through the use of blipps. Monitoring, analysis and reporting of student engagement with blipps and other content is then possible for these content providers.

Bippar Partner Network
Blippar also offers a Partner Network for agencies that want to add augmented reality to their offering. The Blippar Partner Network is made up of creatives that have been specially trained in the use of Blippar’s software and services and who assist partners in the usage of the Blippar platform. Partners create augmented reality experiences using Blippar’s self-service AR platforms, Blippbuilder and Blippbuilder Script, and are provided full technical and commercial support from Blippar.

As part of this Partnership Network, Blippar offers training and support to aid partners with the Blippbuilder tool and the creation of blipps, as well as testing and support services where campaigns can be tested before publication.

Blippar offers a range of augmented reality and artificial intelligence products and APIs. These include:

  • The Blippar App – Available on iOS, Android and wearables, allows users to discover more about the world around them through blipps;
  • BlippBuilder and AR API – Content creation tools for creating visual discovery experiences. Blippbuilder is a self-service tool for creating brand experiences through a drag-and-drop interface. Blippar’s Computer Vision API consists of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence that help make sense of imagery;
  • Blippbuilder Script – A JavaScript interface that allows developers to custom build any augmented reality experience. This includes mesh deformation, dynamic lighting and integration with third party apps;
  • Custom Solutions – Blippar states that any other part of its technology can be used for instant object recognition and other special projects.

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5th Floor West 1 London Bridge
London, SE1 9BG United Kingdom

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201 – 500 Employees

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Founder – Omar Tayeb
Co-Founder and Director – Jessica Butcher
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer – Steven Spencer
COO – Danny Lopez
Marketing Manager – Tandice Abedian

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