Indiana Soccer signs agreement with Virtual Reality soccer training platform Rezzil

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July 25,  2020 – Rezzil, a provider of a virtual reality soccer training platform for coaches and players, has recently announced that Indiana Soccer has become the first state association as part of American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports (AYCE) to sign an agreement with the company. Beginning today, Indiana Soccer players have access to Rezzil’s training VR platform, which runs a series of enhanced drills for players to interact with a virtual ball using natural movement patterns.

With thousands of ‘natural movement’ data points, Rezzil’s VR training platform helps to create an analytical assessment of a player’s wellness, cognitive capabilities, and skill level. Multiple environments can be used to simulate extreme game pressure simulation scenarios. In addition, Indiana Soccer will be using the analytics platform GYO Score, so that all players can integrate analytics to help perfect their skills.

Rezzil recently announced its partnership with analytics company Harena Data, which created the GYO Score platform. The platform can analyze and track play data in order to provide users with metrics related to their playstyle. As a result, the aggregation of a Rezzil score and a GYO Score will provide players with a comprehensive, objective assessment of their level of development and performance, according to Rezzil.

“We believe the ability to provide technological solutions is crucial to helping sports players improve their talents for the game they love,” said Dave Guthrie, Executive Director of Indiana Soccer Association. “In this case, the ability to participate in virtual simulation training as well as obtain detailed analytics to games will help develop our players tremendously.”

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