Metanaut announces Rube Goldberg-style puzzle game ‘Gadgeteer’ availability on Oculus Quest

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October 24, 2019 – Metanaut has announced that ‘Gadgeteer’ is now available on the Oculus Quest, as of 9:00am PST today.

Launched in April this year, Gadgeteer is a physics-based virtual reality puzzle game where players can build Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction machines to solve fun, intricate puzzles. The machines use gadgets to launch, bump, twist, and turn—creating chain reactions.

Gadgeteer features two different game modes: Puzzle mode, where players solve 60 physics puzzles in a variety of different ways; and Sandbox mode, which allows players to build their dream machine without any rules except those of physics. When finished, machines can be shared, allowing players to experience the engineering of others.

The game allows users to build with freedom, with no restrictions on where and how to build machines. 50+ unique gadgets can be chained together to create machines, which can also be edited and destroyed using 3 powerful ‘toolheads’ (tools used to manipulate gadgets and objects within the game). Any mistakes can be painlessly undone, but most importantly, the game offers infinite replayability with lots of depth.

In a company blog post on the announcement, Metanaut said “It took a lot of effort to optimize a game where you build big, intricate machines on a mobile VR device like the Quest, but we’re finally ready for launch.”

Players can purchase Gadgeteer on the Quest store today for CAD $16.99. The game is also available on SteamVR for users that have a PC VR setup.

Video credit: Metanaut/YouTube

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