Mojo Vision develops Alexa Shopping List app on its smart AR contact lens

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November 4, 2022 – Mojo Vision, developers of the ‘Mojo Lens’ augmented reality (AR) smart contact lens, has this week announced that it has developed a potential consumer implementation of Alexa Shopping List on its Mojo Lens prototype.

According to the company, the implementation marks the first major third-party consumer application on its smart contact lens. Mojo Vision also added that the test integration has helped to show how it could integrate the Alexa voice AI with Mojo Lens’ unique and powerful eye-based interface.

Mojo Vision, which refers to itself as the “Invisible Computing Company,” has been making significant progress in developing its smart contact lens technology, and the company continues to research and identify new potential for this groundbreaking solution.

The Alexa Shopping List test integration shows how Mojo Vision’s eyes-up, hands-free technology could work with Amazon’s Alexa voice AI and Alexa Shopping List feature. The use case envisions an experience in which someone can access their shopping list at the grocery store (or any other retail store) without distraction, easily checking things off hands-free and making sure they don’t forget any items.

In the test integration, a user can ask Alexa to add items to an Alexa Shopping List before or during a trip to the store. The Alexa Shopping List feature would appear as one of the applications on Mojo Lens, and the user can access their list in their frame of view, while walking down store aisles. Using just their eyes, the shopper can naturally read and scroll through the list, effortlessly checking off items as they add them to their shopping cart. If another household member adds items to the Alexa Shopping List, the list immediately updates on Mojo Lens, ensuring that no items are missed before checking out.

Mojo Vision received implementation and development support from Amazon to make the test demonstration of Alexa Shopping List for Mojo Lens possible.

Mojo Vision’s ‘Mojo Lens’ smart contact lens.

“Alexa Shopping List is a powerful example of how Mojo Lens can be a platform for a range of useful eyes-up, hands-free consumer applications and experiences,” said Mike Wiemer, VP of Engineering, CTO and co-founder of Mojo Vision. “With Alexa, Amazon is fundamentally improving the way people interact with technology by using voice. Mojo Vision sees a similar opportunity, but with our eyes. Vision plays an integral role in how we perceive and interact with the world, and Mojo Lens will help people quickly access information in a way that doesn’t distract from the world around them.”

Also commenting on the test integration was Ramya Reguramalingam, GM, Alexa Shopping List, who said: “At Amazon, we believe experiences can be made better with technology that is always there when you need it, yet you never have to think about it. We’re excited that Mojo Vision’s Invisible Computing for Mojo Lens, paired with the demonstration of Alexa Shopping List as a use case, is showing the art of what’s possible for hands-free, discreet smart shopping experiences.”

Mojo Vision continues to develop its Mojo Lens product, the world’s first true smart contact lens. The company has demonstrated working prototypes of Mojo Lens and recently demonstrated its latest prototype on-eye that includes numerous features, including the world’s smallest and densest dynamic display, low-latency communication, and an eye-controlled user interface.

For more information on Mojo Vision and its Mojo Lens augmented reality contact lens device, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Mojo Vision

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