Olleyes partners with Pico to offer Virtual Reality solutions for portable eye disease diagnosis and monitoring

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November 20, 2020 – Olleyes, a medical device company developing portable and home-based diagnostic products for eye care, has this week announced that it is now providing at-home care solutions with its VisuALL virtual reality (VR) platform, running on Pico Interactive’s G2 4K headset. The technology allows providers to safely diagnose and actively monitor eye diseases in patients in a remote setting.

VisuALL is a portable visual care testing platform that includes visual field testing, visual acuity testing and much more. The platform combines VR and artificial intelligence technology to give eye care providers a way to remotely test for and monitor common eye diseases. With increased sanitary measures and physical distancing needed in clinics worldwide because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Olleyes states that its solution allows eye care providers to increase productivity, portability and safety.

The company added that in order to diagnose and monitor patients with glaucoma and neuro-ophthalmic diseases, visual field testing is needed. With Olleyes, eye care providers no longer need cumbersome devices require patients to fixate their eyes for several minutes. Instead VisuALL running on Pico’s G2 4K headset gives providers the flexibility to run tests in waiting rooms, cars or patients’ homes for both convenience and to adhere to current COVID-19 safety protocols.

“While the use of telehealth increased rapidly over the last year, efficient tools for eye care providers remained incredibly limited – until now,” said Dr. Alberto Gonzalez, CEO of Olleyes. “In healthcare, ophthalmologists and optometrists have been heavily impacted by the pandemic, experiencing a loss of 79% and 75% of visits since April respectively. The decrease in patient visits shows the lack of technology adoption within the industry, and our team at Olleyes has set out to innovate eye care with the latest tools. Virtual reality shows great promise, not only to give patients more flexibility and increase sanitary measures but also to boost productivity among staff at clinics.”  

Pico’s G2 4K headset has access to replaceable PU face inserts that are easy to clean and hygienic for mass use. The headset provides 4K resolution and a counterbalanced design for the comfort of the patient, Olleyes added.

“At Pico, we empower healthcare providers such as Olleyes to make it easy to deploy VR. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Olleyes is solving an old problem with new technology that makes visual field testing more accessible than ever. We’re excited to help bring VR telehealth to the ophthalmology market,” said Will Winston, US Sales and Partnerships Director at Pico Interactive.

For more information on Olleyes please click here. For more information on Pico, click here.

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