VoxelSensors announces new appointments to its Board to grow its XR market presence

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August 28, 2023 – VoxelSensors, a provider of 3D perception technology for extended reality (XR), has recently announced that it has appointed Tim Droz and Youssef Benmokhtar to its board of directors. The company stated that the strategic decision to appoint the two seasoned industry leaders will help to strengthen its management team as it aims to grow in the XR market, particularly in the USA and Asia.

In May, VoxelSensors announced EUR €5 million in Seed Funding, and these appointments are now part of the company’s efforts to gear up for the next investment round.

Tim Droz (USA) joins the company as an independent board of directors member, while Youssef Benmokhtar (USA) joins the advisory board. VoxelSensors stated that with vast experience in semiconductors, 3D sensing, systems architecture, natural interaction, customer engagement, and XR wearables, their expertise will help to facilitate further growth and global engagements for the company.

With his leadership experience in consumer electronics, perception engineering, and executive management, Droz joins VoxelSensors as an independent Board member. With expertise in augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) systems, 2D and 3D cameras, imaging and depth sensors, Droz has held senior technical management positions at Meta Reality Labs, Sony DepthSensing Solutions, and Canesta (acquired by Microsoft), where he contributed significantly to the advancement of camera and depth technologies, according to VoxelSensors.

“I am excited to join the Board of VoxelSensors and contribute to the company’s remarkable journey of innovation and growth,” said Droz. “VoxelSensors’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of sensor technology and depth subsystems aligns perfectly with my passion for disruptive advancements. I look forward to collaborating closely with the talented team at VoxelSensors to drive the development of groundbreaking solutions and capitalize on the exciting opportunities ahead.”

Youssef Benmokhtar also joins VoxelSensors, as an Advisory Board member. Benmokhtar brings with him a wealth of experience as a business development executive in the consumer electronics and mobile industries. Currently serving as the CEO of GelSight, a US-based company that specializes in tactile sensing technology, Benmokhtar has also held significant positions as the former SVP of Business Development at Magic Leap and DigitalOptics Corporation. VoxelSensors stated that by leveraging his extensive expertise, Benmokhtar will play a crucial role in establishing valuable connections with relevant customers and investors within the XR industry.

“While at Magic Leap, we were always looking for the most advanced 3D imaging technologies that could be integrated into our augmented reality headset. Hence, when I met the VoxelSensors team and they showed me their unique technology, I was blown away. Their technology offers the extreme low power consumption, ultra-low latency that are required to be integrated into AR devices,” said Benmokhtar.

VoxelSensors noted that reducing system-level power consumption is pivotal for XR to thrive. The company’s SPAES (Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor) is a novel 3D perception architecture that addresses OEMs’ demands for power-efficient and low-latency perception systems by providing an efficient sequential 3D data path that replaces power-hungry legacy frame-based visual pipelines. SPAES enables low power, low latency spatial mapping, anchoring, segmentation, and natural interaction in XR, according to the company.

“As a seasoned professional in the 3D sensing industry, I perceive a growing momentum and keen interest surrounding VoxelSensors’ elegant approach to addressing the challenge of delivering low power with low latency for 3D perception,” stated Andre Miodezky, President of VoxelSensors. “We are truly honored by the exceptional individuals who have joined our company on the journey to transform the 3D perception industry.”

VoxelSensors will be exhibiting at AWE Asia in Singapore this week, where it will showcase its Andromeda (gen 1) Evaluation Kit at booth #D3. For more information on VoxelSensors, visit the company’s website, or contact sales@voxelsensors.com.

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