DPVR announces comprehensive hardware update for its E4 PC VR headset

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February 28, 2024 – DPVR, a Shanghai-based provider of virtual reality (VR) hardware and software solutions, has today announced a comprehensive hardware update for its E4 PC VR headset. According to the company, the refinement to the device comes in response to consumer feedback, and has been implemented to offer a more immersive and comfortable VR experience for E4 users.

DPVR noted that the previous version of the E4 device could become hot during long play sessions, particularly in the summer season, according to user community feedback. Other areas of improvement that the company has addressed include audio quality (for social VR apps such as VRChat), as well as durability, reliability, and compatibility with a large range of user head sizes, including children – particularly for VR arcade businesses.

In response to concerns, DPVR stated that it has made the following enhancements to its E4 hardware: 

  • Turbo Cooling System: Cooling vents have been added to both sides of the headset, to improve airflow. The upgraded vapor chamber ensures efficient cooling, enabling the headset to run demanding VR titles like Half-Life: Alyx for an extended 2-hour play session, with a 20°C reduction in core temperature (according to DPVR); 
  • Fan Module Upgrade: A new fan module, coupled with refined fan control logic, increases fan speed while minimizing operating sound for a quieter experience;

  • Audio Upgrade: The E4 now includes enhanced built-in stereo speakers with improved low-frequency performance, and optimized distortion. The device also comes with wired earphones. DPVR also noted that dedicated headphones exclusively designed for the E4 will be available for purchase in the coming months;
  • New Cable Solution: The headset now comes with a strengthened 6-meter DP cable with reinforced strain relief and a detachable end. The headphone jack has been redesigned and cable durability has been enhanced for improved user convenience;
  • Comfort and Exterior Enhancements: With a head circumference compatibility of 53-66cm, the E4 is now suitable for more children, according to the company. The new velcro head strap ensures a secure fit and the headset also comes with a premium magnetic cloth texture faceliner. The exterior of the E4 features UV painting.

“Designing with the community’s needs and feedback in mind has always been our priority. While other large VR headset manufacturers have shifted their focus to standalone devices, and as Microsoft discontinues the Windows Mixed Reality platform, DPVR remains committed to being a beacon of innovation for PC VR fans,” said Derek Liu, VP of DPVR. “With 13 updates to the DPVR software assistant in 2023, and now this significant hardware update for the E4, along with the anticipation of our new-gen headset in 2024, we have the utmost confidence in our hardware’s ability to continue serving flight and sim racing enthusiasts.”

To learn more about DPVR and its VR hardware and software solutions, including its E4 PC VR headset, click here.

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