RP1 unveils public demo of its metaverse technology platform capable of scaling to billions of people

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June 15, 2023 – RP1, a provider of tools and open-source client-side architecture for the metaverse and virtual experiences, has this week unveiled the first public demo of its back-end technology that the company claims offers the ability to bring together 100,000 unique individuals into a single, near infinitely-scalable and persistent virtual experience (scalable to billions).

RP1 stated that this can all be accomplished on just a few servers that can fit in a single room as opposed to an entire data center, which if correct would mark a major milestone in the development of the metaverse.

According to the company, existing virtual experiences can only accommodate a limited number of participants per server, ranging from just 15 to 100 avatars (depending on the total CPU cores and the number of CPUs in each server). RP1 offers the industry’s first software solution to tackle this problem, unlocking the power of the largest hardware and chipset manufacturers.

RP1 has worked to build a new foundational standard on top of current Internet protocols. The company stated that its proprietary network server architecture is 200-500X more efficient on a single server for persistent, real-time applications, and that it has patents pending on both the design and implementation of this new architecture.

“Our fully extensible system presents a completely new and game-changing technology for creators, developers, and businesses to unleash their imagination and build immersive real-time 3D applications,” said Sean Mann, CEO of RP1. “We are empowering individuals to develop tools, services, experiences, and more. The limitless potential for innovation offered by our open-source approach is truly transformative. With RP1, we are revolutionizing the way we play, socialize, learn, and explore in the digital world.”

According to RP1, some of the key benefits of its metaverse solutions include:

Scalable: It can connect multiple servers to host the world’s population within a single, persistent virtual ecosystem;

On-Demand: Enables on-demand content without the need for pre-installed downloads, accessible via web browser or native app.

Cost-Effective: The technology significantly reduces hardware requirements and cost barriers, making it accessible to a wide range of creators, designers, and developers;

Interoperable: Consumers can seamlessly move from one experience to another without moving ecosystems;

Accessible: RP1’s ecosystem is accessible on any device, including VR, AR, PC, and mobile (Apple, Meta, and HTC headsets).

Commenting on the announcement from RP1, Linda Ricci, Board Member of the Virtual World Society and formerly with Meta, said: “I have been working with emerging technologies for 30 years and was intrigued by the RP1’s technology from the first minute I heard about it 3 years ago. After experiencing the demo – and seeing its evolution since that first time – I’m convinced it gives the scalability and optionality needed to power the Metaverse at scale. This is the engine the spatial internet needs.” 

RP1 also noted in its announcement that its new Developer Center, which will grant everyone access to a comprehensive suite of resources and tools to build and publish immersive experiences on the spatial Internet, will be coming in Q4 this year.

“RP1’s developer center will empower individuals and companies to build tools, avatars, identity systems, and other components that fuel innovation in the metaverse. They provide the protocol foundation for faster, easier, cheaper, and better spatial application creation,” said RP1s system architect, Yinch Yeap. “The metaverse will be a new way for anyone to express themselves using tools as simple as TikTok and Instagram. To get more people to participate, we must have tools for every participant all the way from full coding to no code tools – so that anyone can build for everyone. RP1 invites creators, developers, and enthusiasts to join them on their mission to shape the future of the metaverse.”

To learn more about RP1 and its solutions for scaling the metaverse, please visit the company’s website.

The company recently showcased its demo at Augmented World Expo (AWE). To watch the full presentation from RP1’s Sean Mann and Yinch Yeap, see below:

Image / video credit: RP1 / YouTube

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