Wisear partners with ThirdEye to bring neural interface technology to Mixed Reality

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October 31, 2023 – Wisear, a Paris-based deep-tech startup and developer of neural interface-powered products for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) users, has recently announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ThirdEye Gen, Inc., a provider of AR and mixed reality (MR) solutions for enterprise, to combine the expertise of both companies in order to pave the way for transformative MR experiences for enterprise customers.‍

With a common goal of making mixed reality more intuitive, hands-free and user-friendly, both companies will explore the potential of integrating Wisear’s technology into the ThirdEye Gen ecosystem. The strategic alignment will further facilitate the study of compatibility, joint product development, shared partnership opportunities, and clientele, according to Wisear.

While ThirdEye Gen brings to the table its experience in the AR/MR domain with applications trusted by the US Military and large organizations, Wisear provides the advantage of hands-free technology. The companies noted that the partnership aims to provide users with a more efficient, secure, and immersive experience without relying solely on voice controls.

Yacine Achiakh, Co-founder and CEO of Wisear, commented: “This MOU represents a landmark in our pursuit to seamlessly integrate mixed reality into both our daily routines and professional spheres, ensuring it is as intuitive as it is hands-free. Partnering with ThirdEye offers us a chance to fuse our Neural Interface controls with top-tier MR glasses. This collaboration will let us evaluate the transformative impact of a novel User Interface in the most rigorous settings — from the military and healthcare sectors to industrial applications.”‍

Nick Cherukuri, CEO of ThirdEye Gen, added: “ThirdEye has always been at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what AR/MR can achieve. With Wisear’s unique neural interface solutions, we’re looking forward to exploring new horizons, differentiating our MR and AI solutions with truly hands free controls that will fulfill the demanding needs of our clients.”

According to the companies, potential use cases stemming from the partnership include:

  • Defense Solutions: The incorporation of Wisear’s control technology could provide US Army personnel utilizing ThirdEye’s AR/MR systems with improved operational efficiency during missions by allowing soldiers to instantly pull up strategic data, maps, or communication channels without the need for manual inputs or vocal commands.
  • Enterprise Applications: By providing frontline workers with enhanced hands-free experiences, such as accessing schematics, diagrams, or getting remote expert guidance, the combination of Wisear’s controls and ThirdEye’s AR/MR tools could help reduce downtime and errors.
  • Healthcare: Building upon ThirdEye’s commitment to healthcare, Wisear’s technology can help to make telemedicine more intuitive, by providing medical professionals with real-time augmented feedback during procedures, without the need to touch a screen or a device.‍

Wisear recently highlighted the potential of this type of strategic partnership in the MR space, with the company’s CEO speaking on the subject of ‘Neural Interfaces: the Need of a New Human/Machine Interface to Unlock AR’‍ at Augmented World Expo EU last week.

For more information on Wisear and its neural interface technology, click here. To learn more about ThirdEye and its augmented and mixed reality solutions for the enterprise, click here.

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