Copresence announces launch of its digital avatar creation app on Apple App Store

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September 14, 2023 – Copresence AG (copresence), a provider of digital avatar generation software that creates photorealistic 3D models of a user’s face, has today announced the open beta launch of its self-titled app on the Apple App Store. The copresence app is designed to create a true digital likeness of a user in minutes, for use across gaming, virtual, augmented and extended reality (VR/AR/XR), and video conferencing.

The copresence app is compatible with iPhone or iPad devices with Face ID functionality and provides users with a photorealistic 3D model or “digital twin” of their face, which is created in minutes through advanced AI-powered scanning technology. This digital twin can then be seamlessly integrated with various platforms across PC, smartphones, and VR headsets.

At the core of the copresence app lies the company’s AI-driven tracking technology, which is capable of translating real-time facial expressions and non-verbal cues onto a user’s avatar instantaneously.

With full compatibility with leading 3D engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine, copresence empowers developers of video games and immersive experiences to effortlessly produce high-quality, photorealistic characters, according to the company. Copresence stated that this advancement will help to usher in an unprecedented level of personalization and immersion across gaming and XR, enabling developers to build titles that will allow users to exist as their true selves in games and digital experiences.

For AR and VR, the app’s high levels of photorealism and real-time responsiveness redefine the concept of digital avatars, doing away with cartoonish representations and empowering users to present their true selves in the virtual world and across the metaverse.

“We’re thrilled to unveil this milestone to iOS users, offering them a seamless way to showcase their true selves across all aspects of their digital identity,” said Radek Mackowiak, copresence CEO. “The copresence app sets a new standard in digital avatar creation, and we believe that the unmatched speed and quality of our photorealistic avatars will undoubtedly elevate interactions for users, be it in gaming, VR/AR, or video conferencing experiences.”

Copresence added that it has assembled a world-class team of machine learning and computer vision experts, conducting groundbreaking research to bring the company’s cutting-edge avatar technology to life. To date, copresence has raised USD $6 million in seed funding.

The open beta of the copresence app is now available for download on the Apple App Store. To learn more about copresence’s AI-powered 3D avatar creation platform, please visit the company’s website.

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