Augmented Reality educational app ‘Outside 3D’ launches on Android and iOS

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June 9, 2020 – Educational augmented reality (AR) app, Outside 3D, which brings immersive learning to mobile phones, has launched as of yesterday. Available on Android and iOS, Outside 3D is an educational app that provides immersive learning experiences through a combination of simplified explanations of subject matters with animations, audio narrations, interesting facts, and background soundtracks curated and programmed for each individual subject in augmented reality.

Topics covered include learning about the piano, the human spinal cord, and the moon. By using a smartphone, users can select a category or subject in the app, find and scan a flat surface to place the experience, and start learning. The app comes with a selection of AR content that can be accessed for free, as well as a monthly subscription option of USD $1.99 per month, which grants users unlimited access to all content, categories, games, new weekly content and more.

The Outside 3D team has worked with teachers and education professionals to develop its content around subject matters ranging from science and technology, music, art, history and space exploration. Users can come face-to-face with an Angler Fish, watch world-famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo do keepy uppies on their dining room table, or learn about asteroid moons as they rotate in front of them in their home. 

Speaking on building the school of the future, founder and CEO, Toro Orero said: “Most young people love learning but don’t necessarily like the process of education in its current or traditional form. That is why we have created Outside 3D. We believe that knowledge should be experienced and not seen as a chore. Experiential learning is one of the most powerful ways to learn, and Outside 3D brings this power to you by helping you experience what you learn.”   

In the current climate, where millions of young learners around the world have been forced out of the classroom due to COVID-19 and both teachers and parents are moving online to ensure continuity of education, technology continues to be adopted as a primary resource for learning remotely. The company notes that educational apps such as Outside 3D are well positioned to complement existing learning processes, through AR, putting the power of knowledge acquisition quite literally in the palm of users’ hands.   

As part of the launch, the Outside 3D team has built an Augmented Reality game within the app where subscribers can participate in a treasure hunt in a virtual city and win prizes. In addition to the consumer-facing app, Outside 3D is also working with individuals, schools and organizations to develop white label AR immersive content for providing personalized products.

Orero concluded: “Education and the learning process has always been a passion of mine and with Outside 3D, I’m combining this with my love of technology and product building. With the current global pandemic situation, now is a good time for education providers and parents to explore and adopt new ways of keeping young people engaged and hungry to know more about the world in which they live”. 

The Outside 3D app is available now for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Video credit: Outside 3D / YouTube

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