Beyond Imagination and GelSight announce pilot study into tactile sensing in robots controlled via Virtual Reality

A Beomni 1.0 humanoid robot using a GelSight mobile sensor

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January 28, 2022 – Beyond Imagination, an artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics platform company developing humanoid robots, and GelSight, a developer of tactile intelligence technology, have initiated a pilot to study the feasibility of using Beyond Imagination’s humanoid robotic technology to remotely operate GelSight’s tactile sensors.

The robots, called ‘Beomni,’ are up to 6’ tall, wireless, humanoid robots that are remotely controlled in real time from any commercially available virtual reality (VR) platform, according to the companies. Both companies believe that this pairing could help to eliminate costs and increase functionality in many applications where GelSight’s technology is used today, including manufacturing, quality assurance, and robotics.

For the pilot, the robots will use a GelSight tactile sensor for hands-free control. The robotic sensors can be remotely configured to provide detailed surface analytics and feedback to the remote user piloting the robot. In future systems, GelSight’s tactile sensors could also be integrated into the robot to provide real-time tactile data for remote sensing and dexterous manipulation.

“Many customers have approached us with tactile sensing and measurement applications that would benefit from tele-operation,” said Kimo Johnson, Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder of GelSight. “We see this as a great opportunity to explore next generation tactile robotic integrations.”

“We are thrilled to be chosen to pilot GelSight’s innovative tactile sensors with our robotic platform,” said Dr. Harry Kloor, CEO and founder of Beyond Imagination. “We have always known our platform could increase efficiencies and productivity for organizations looking to remotely operate their tools or services without creating specialized roboticized products.”

“The Beyond Imagination BEOMNI platform was the first time we have seen a humanoid robot use a GelSight tool,” Johnson continued. “This capability would expedite the deployment of GelSight systems into environments that are too dangerous or costly to send trained operators. The ability of an expert user to be instantly on-site, anywhere in the world with visual, auditory and tactile information available to them is game-changing for many of our customers.”

For more information on Beyond Imagination and its AI-powered humanoid robots, click here. To find out more about GelSight and its tactile sensor technology, click here.

Image credit: Beyond Imagination

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