IKIN announces RYZ platform for Holographic Augmented Reality

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June 7, 2019 – IKIN, Inc. has today announced its ambitions to design a truly interactive, high-quality, and affordable holographic eco-system, which will provide the necessary tools to create, interact, touch and feel holographic environments right in the palm of a user’s hands.

The company stated that its new form of Holographic Augmented Reality (HAR), will be called RYZ and will utilize photon mapping. The RYZ platform will provide users and developers the ability to map volumetric holographic projections over carefully analyzed environments, creating a unique visual experience.

“With the introduction of RYZ we are excited to show the world a completely new way of interacting with holographic technology right in the palm of their hands,” said Joe Ward, CEO at IKIN. “We firmly believe that the launch of RYZ will lead to significant advances in visual technology and will impact how both consumers and businesses leverage it.”

IKIN stated that RYZ will enable vivid, immersive free-standing holograms with lifelike sharpness of light that will be generated from a smartphone, and that can be recorded and replayed. The holograms will be volumetric and manipulable, giving people the opportunity to interact with 3D images as if they were real life objects. RYZ will also give consumers the opportunity to convert any 2D image into a 3D Hologram. All texts, photos and videos can be converted through RYZ into holograms, according to IKIN.

“Humanity is at the heart of everything that we do,” said Taylor Griffith, CTO and Founder, IKIN. “RYZ is the first of a suite of products which we believe will revolutionize how content is created and viewed and will change how humankind interacts with technology.”

To date, IKIN has raised over $5 million in private funding.

Image credit: IKIN, Inc.

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