Immersive 3D social platform Spatial announces Creator Toolkit powered by Unity

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Dec 15, 2022 – Spatial, an immersive 3D social platform for creatives to build their online worlds, connect and share digital experiences, has this week announced the Spatial Creator Toolkit powered by Unity.

Spatial stated that the new toolkit takes away the friction for digital designers and architects by allowing them to publish first-class visuals and interactive spaces across mobile, desktop web and virtual reality (VR) in one click. With ready-made assets, creations that may have taken days to perfect previously, can now take a matter of seconds, according to the company. In addition, the latest Spatial toolkit allows users to interact and play within the space around them.

Using Unity’s SDK, Spatial is bringing visual quality directly to the web browser, with fast load times and no download or installs required. The company is hoping that the new toolkit will encourage new innovation and game-level development across the platform.

“Making immersive platforms easy and accessible for anyone to come in and start building, without prior knowledge in digital design, has always been an important factor in making Spatial the inclusive and open metaverse it is today. This toolkit will open doors for creators to make out-of-this world and exciting places to be, in just a few clicks. Our recent Hublot stadium had visitors spend over 75,000 minutes in the space in just three weeks. With our latest upgrades, we can build live multiplayer experiences where fans will be able to score a goal on the virtual World Cup pitch. This changes the face of the metaverse from a static world where we observe, to dynamic and interactive 3D spaces where we can actively participate,” said Jinha Lee, CPO and Co-founder, Spatial.

“Creating professional-grade lighting would previously have taken a trained designer at least two days to achieve, and now anyone can do it in a click of a button,” said Anand Agarawala, CEO and Co-founder, Spatial. “It simultaneously publishes across web, mobile and VR to make building so seamless that literally anyone can be a top rate digital developer.”

To aid in the experience of interacting with 3D models within the platform, Spatial recently announced its Sketchfab integration, allowing users access to the world’s most expansive library of 3D models and objects for a more customizable and creative experience.

Exactly one year on from the company’s initial pivot to become the metaverse platform for culture and creators, Spatial stated that it has seen constant growth. With over 500,000+ registered creators, two million unique users and 127 million hours spent in the platform over the last 12 months, it is fast becoming one of the most active immersive social platforms for creators to build, share and hang out with the communities that are important to them, according to the company.

For more information on Spatial and its immersive 3D social platform, please visit the company’s website.

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