La-Z-Boy announces Marxent partnership for 3D commerce

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October 30, 2019 – Furniture company, La-Z-Boy has announced a partnership with Marxent, a company that offers 3D product visualization for retail and e-commerce. La-Z-Boy has already launched several 3D experiences powered by the Marxent 3D Cloud, including Augmented Reality, 3D product configuration, and 3D room planning. La-Z-Boy is now expanding the Marxent partnership by making virtual reality available to its sales associates and professional designers.

Eli Winkler, Chief Marketing Officer for La-Z-Boy, said: “La-Z-Boy is famous for innovative product design and an unmatched furniture buying experience. It is our firm belief that the customer should get exactly what they envision. 3D visualization applications have become essential to delivering on that promise.” He added, “3D is woven throughout the La-Z-Boy customer experience, both online and in-store.”

Winkler continued: “When we saw that 3D was becoming central to our customer experience, we knew it made sense to build all of our 3D experiences off of a single platform. Marxent’s 3D Cloud has allowed La-Z-Boy to successfully launch and manage several game-changing 3D content initiatives with remarkable efficiency by deploying the same 3D assets across multiple customer touchpoints and applications.”

Beck Besecker, Marxent CEO and Co-Founder, said: “The adoption of multiple 3D applications by La-Z-Boy is further evidence that the age of 3D Commerce in retail is upon us.” Besecker added, “more importantly La-Z-Boy understands that taking advantage of a unified 3D platform prepares them for what’s still to come. 3D Search, 3D advertising, object recognition, social 3D, and many more 3D-powered consumer experiences are right around the corner. La-Z-Boy is executing perhaps one of the broadest implementations of 3D Commerce in retail. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such an iconic brand and outstanding partner.”

La-Z-Boy initiatives powered by the Marxent® 3D Cloud include:

La-Z-Boy AR iOS App: Launched in 2019, the La-Z-Boy AR app, available exclusively for free download from the Apple App Store, allows customers to preview a wide variety of La-Z-Boy furniture in Augmented Reality. Users see exactly how their new furniture will fit in their home, and can save images for texting, email or posting to social media.

Virtual Reality: La-Z-Boy has also begun implementing a Virtual Reality solution that enables store associates and designers to link 3D rooms designed on the iPad to a virtual reality headset in order to give customers the opportunity to walk around and experience their space.

360 Product Viewer with 3D Product Configurator: The La-Z-Boy 360 Product Viewer with 3D Product Configurator allows consumers to customize and explore products with 360 Product Spins. For example, shoppers can visit the product page of the chair style that they prefer, then add or change upholstery selections and details in real time. The final configured product can be added to the shopping cart.

3D Room Planner: Reusing the same 3D assets as the 360 Product Viewer with 3D Product Configurator, La-Z-Boy has worked with Marxent to deploy 3D Room Planners on the web, for home use, and on iPads for store associates. According to the company, La-Z-Boy designers use these applications to develop and deliver interior design concepts to clients.

Image credit: Marxent/La-Z-Boy

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