NexTech AR launches new 3D Augmented Reality capture app ‘ARitize360’

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June 5, 2020 – NexTech AR Solutions, a provider of augmented reality solutions for e-commerce, learning applications, and virtual events, has announced the launch of its new ARitize360 app, which is now live and available for free download on both iOS and Android devices. 

NexTech’s ARitize360 app helps to simplify the 3D/AR creation process by producing a 3D/AR  model through the video camera on a mobile device. ARitize360 removes time and cost barriers by reducing the skill needed for the creation of a 3D asset, since no special training is required to use the app – something that the company hopes will aid with the mass adoption of AR.

The company states that the ARitize360 app is initially geared to be marketed to the shoe and sneaker industry, and hopes to provide a solution for creating 3D/AR photo realistic scans that can be made at scale, and cost effectively. NexTech quoted Grandview Research, which states: “The global footwear market size was estimated at USD $207.6 billion in 2018”, and as a result, NexTech is targeting this market since it has “a massive amount of products to scan”. After success in the shoe and sneaker industry the company’s goal is that of expansion to clothing and other high value objects.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech stated: “The app will employ the freemium business model, whereby a user gets a free 3D/AR scan. However, a user will be billed for additional scans as well as be charged a monthly subscription fee for hosting the 3D asset. Together the two could add substantial revenue to the company’s bottom line. The app will also act as a lead generation tool and will be a boost to the company’s existing AR e-commerce solutions as well as its recently launched, 3D/AR advertising platform.” Gappelberg added, “ARitize360 makes creating 3D objects easy, anyone can do it with our app combined with our Aritize platform, no special training or skills required making this a major industry break-through.”

ARitize360 subscription is available to users for a monthly fee of USD $9.99, which grants them one free scan, unlimited cloud storage for captures, access to NexTech’s Capture Platform for models previews, access to customer service, and allows for the purchase of add-ons, such as holographic 3D advertisements, e-commerce website integration, model optimization, and AR/3D model downloads.

Image / video credit: NexTech AR Solutions / YouTube

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