Spotselfie announces official beta launch of its Augmented Reality-powered social network

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May 20, 2021 – Spotselfie, an augmented reality (AR) social application, has today announced the launch of its downloadable beta on the App Store and Google Play. Through the Spotselfie app, AR ‘virtual objects’ are viewable through a user’s smartphone or tablet camera, where user-generated content such as pictures, video, stickers, and other digital material are geotagged to locations around the globe and augment a live world view of a geographic area in real time.

Spotselfie’s user-focused AR social engagement platform enables users to interact with digital social content within the app, then physically visit locations and meet people that they’ve already engaged with online. This allows users to discover new local spots such as cafes, restaurants, and parks.

The company also stated that the Spotselfie app has the potential to stimulate local economies, as businesses can post AR virtual objects that represent their company at locations around the community they operate in, and brands can place virtual AR advertisements at GPS locations targeted to their core audience or specific location-based audiences, such as event attendees.

When users open the app in any location, they will be able to see other people’s tagged virtual objects (aptly named ‘Spotselfies’), floating around the physical space. Users will then have the option to engage by commenting on and rating a Spotselfie or following its original poster – something that the company hopes will encourage virtual connections and lead to real-world interaction around shared interests and pastimes. 

“We’re excited to launch our beta app to encourage social interaction and real-world engagement, blending the convenience and immediate availability of social media with our inherent need for human connection,” said Ray Shingler, Co-Founder and Director of Product Development for Spotselfie. “Integrating GPS-optimized AR content with smartphone camera functionality is the missing link in our existing social media interactions; we’re thrilled that with our technology, people can find and make meaningful connections with other people, businesses, and brands that match their interests.” 

When it comes to data sharing, Spotselfie stated that its app differs from other social networks with regards to privacy, as user data is kept safe and secure, and is never shared with third parties. Furthermore, Spotselfie’s augmented reality patents are designed with user personal privacy in mind, as the app allows users to decide who sees their content and whether or not other users can see their profile in AR or find them in AR profile searches, according to the company. 

Shingler added, “We’re also proud to announce that our technology is designed to keep users personal information and privacy safe and secure while they’re making these real-world connections, as users’ GPS movement and location can never be tracked by other users, and users are free to decide who they want to see their content, which helps them essentially create their own social networks.”

For more information on Spotselfie and its augmented reality social app, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Spotselfie

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